Build a LinkedIn Personal Brand and Create an Audience in 30 Days WITHOUT Spending Hours Every Day!

Join the Linked30 Day Brand Challenge.

A proven system for building your brand on LinkedIn.

This is a 30-day course that will help you grow your personal brand on LinkedIn and increase demand for your expertise.

The LinkedIn Playbook

Create and grow an incredible personal brand so you can...

  • Grow your LinkedIn following

  • Create more demand for your services

  • Scale yourself online

Here's what some of the Linked30 Builders had to say...

Testimonial Highlight

Whole Testimonial

- Name, Company & position

Testimonial Highlight

Whole Testimonial

- Name, Company & position

Testimonial Highlight

Whole Testimonial

- Name, Company & position

Here's what some of the Linked30 Builders had to say...

🔥Results in weeks, not years

• Became a better writer

• Increase engagement by 200+%

• Increased views by 10k+

John Barnes, CEO, Pendleton Street Business Advisors

Build and leverage your network to fuel growth

You will learn how to...

How it Works

  • 15 LinkedIn training videos

  • 30 proven copywriting frameworks

  • templates and worksheets

  • access to a community

By the end of this 30-day program, you will know the fundamentals of building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

This approach will allow you to

-> Increase your followers

-> Grow your footprint

-> Increase your brand impressions

-> Improve the conversions on your profile

-> Create new opportunities

You'll learn the systems, templates, and frameworks to write consistently engaging content.

Most people aren’t fully leveraging LinkedIn. They are…

❌ Posting irregularly about dozens of different topics.

❌ Only reposting content.

❌ Rarely engaging with others.

❌ Adding minimal information to their profile

❌ Using a profile picture that is years old.

What results do they get from that?

⚫ Little engagement on their posts

⚫ No interaction from their target market

⚫ Stagnant follower/ connection count

Find out how you can change that. In Linked30, learn how to...
✅Increase your reach

✅Increase your following

✅Attract your target market

Real Results

Can you guess when this person started using the Linked30 method?

Hint: It’s Late July.

It takes just 30 days to develop lasting reach.

In 30 days, this Linked30 Builder increased impressions and engagements exponentially.

You can expect to triple your LinkedIn impressions and engagements in just 30 days by sticking to the Linked30 method.

In 30 days this account grew its views and likes by more than 400% with our easy-to-follow system.

This Builder’s Linked30 journey gained him a 76% increase in engagement rate in just 30 days.

The people who were seeing his posts were interacting with them.


Because he was attracting the right audience with the right content.

Check out this Linked30 Builder’s follower count.

Start building your following now.

No Matter Your Industry, Linked30 Works

Linked30 has helped professionals in various industries increase their LinkedIn reach in just 30 days. These industries include:

→ Payroll and HR

→ Law Firms

→ Software Development

→ Consulting

→ Financial Services

→ Marketing

How Does This Actually Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Anyone trying to grow their LinkedIn personal brand. This works best for people who are trying to develop a founder-led brand for their business.

Does this work in any niche?

Yes! Linked30 has helped people in many industries. You’re the expert in your field - you just have to share your expertise.

How is this approach different?

These post prompts are proven to get great reach and engagement, and the process has worked time and time again.

About your instructor

Matt Vaadi, CEO at guHRoo

LinkedIn has helped me achieve so many of my personal goals.

I have met amazing people, gained new clients, developed new strategic partnerships, found mentors, and met some of my best friends.

I highly recommend growing your brand on this channel and I am going to give you the blueprint. I look forward to connecting!

Linked30 Personal Branding Course

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